1 Choose extent of diagnostic files

In addition to SCG software components, the log level affects the OpenVPN logs1

2 Configure thresholds for log rotation

To download the diagnostic files, use the Info dialog.

Log level

– up to SCG 1 2101 under SCG cluster

The log files are stored under /opt/unicon/scg/logs

If you are running a cluster of multiple SCG instances, you only need to set the log level on one instance: the setting is automatically applied to the other instances. A restart for activation is not required.

Log rotation

– from Scout Cloud Gateway 1.2103 –

Especially for log level Debug the amount of data increases quickly. Rotating the log files keeps the storage demand low. For each log file, the number of backup files and the size is limited. When the threshold values are reached, the files are rotated: A new file is created and the oldest backup file is deleted.

Log rotation is active by default and is automatically executed once per day.

The threshold values can be configured as follows:

Option Default Value range
Maximum log file size in MB 10 10-100
Maximum number of backup files 5 5-10

The configured values are saved to the file logrotate.conf. This file and all rotated files in /opt/unicon/scg/logs are part of the Diagnostic files.


For further information, see Downloading diagnostic files.