General network settings

Routes in the network

In the relevant environment, configure the destination IP address and address range of the following connections to the eLux devices you want to route via the secure communication of the Scout Cloud Gateway:

Example for one instance: route -p add
For clusters, you need more routes accordingly.

Dynamic use of devices in the Internet and intranet

If you want to connect mobile devices both via Internet and intranet, configure the same FQDN for the Scout Server and the Scout Cloud Gateway. As a result, the FQDN in the intranet is resolved directly to the Scout Server. If the eLux device is used in the Internet, the FQDN will be resolved to the Scout Cloud Gateway. For further information, see DHCP configuration in the Scout guide.

On each restart, the device checks whether the IP address of the resolved FQDN is a Scout Server or a Scout Cloud Gateway.

If you use different FQDNs for the Scout Server and Scout Cloud Gateway, note that each time the operating environment changes between the intranet and Internet, a factory reset of the eLux device is required.

For VPN connections, a separate web server for firmware updates can be configured in the Scout device configuration.