Scout Cloud Gateway in a DMZ

For the setup of the Scout Cloud Gateway in your network, we recommend the operation in a security-controlled 'Demilitarized Zone',

The following routes must be set up for configuration:


Use dedicated firewall rules to control access from the Internet to the DMZ and from the DMZ to the Intranet.

To use the Scout Cloud Gateway as a router between DMZ and Intranet, you can use a second network card. In the VM installation, two network cards are already considered and can be configured.


Note the following


Example for configuring routes


(A) eLux devices are supposed to access resources on the Intranet (network

(B) The SCG is located in a DMZ with network and connects eLux devices via tunnel network

(C) Both networks are connected via a router/gateway, with address in the DMZ and in the Intranet.

Required routes:

A) Network:, subnet mask: (gateway is the VPN server of the SCG)

B) Network:, subnet mask:, gateway from DMZ to intranet:

C) Network:, subnet mask:, gateway from the intranet into the DMZ:


For further information, see General configuration.