Factory reset command

Use the Remote factory reset command to reset the relevant devices to their initial state. By default, the local device configuration and local application definitions are deleted.

The following data are retained:

After the device has received the Remote factory reset command, the current device configuration and local application definitions are deleted. By default, after a restart, the device reconnects to its Scout Server and obtains the configuration of the OU to which it is assigned.

Additional options of the Factory reset command

1 Users are informed before command execution, see Command options.
2 Prevent local device configuration from being overridden
3 All configuration data on the device will be deleted.

The device then loses connection to its Scout Server.

Optionally define to switch off the device afterwards.

Option Description
Retain local configuration (unlocked fields) User-defined values of the local device configuration in unlocked fields are retained. This only applies to fields that the user is allowed to edit.

– only available if allowed in Advanced options > Devices

For further information, see Supporting local configuration.

Delete Scout Server and license information on device In addition to the configuration data, the following data are deleted:
  • Address of the Scout Server machine
  • License information stored on device (license lease)1
    This option can be used for the resale of devices, for example.
  • Certificates in /setup/cacerts
  • WLAN configuration
  • 802.1X configuration
  • Private key of SCEP client certificate stored in a TPM 2.0 module

An encrypted setup partition (TPM 2.0) will be decrypted.

If you perform the Remote factory reset command with this option selected, it corresponds to a local Factory reset triggered by the relevant button of the eLux Command panel on the device. For further information, see Resetting devices to factory status in the eLux RP guide.

Power off device after command execution2 – only available with Delete Scout Server and license information on device

The device is shut down and remains switched off.

The Remote factory reset affects the device's setup partition. The system partition with the installed firmware, in contrast, is not affected by the factory reset and is only changed using the Update command with the option Format system partition before update.