Supporting local configuration

User rights for modifying the local device configuration can be set for OUs and devices, even for individual fields. You can lock and disable individual fields or tabs for security reasons whereas other features such as monitor management can be allowed. For further information, see User rights.

If individual (local) configuration is allowed, make sure that the relevant configuration data are prevented from being overridden when the Scout configuration is reloaded on the next device restart.

Retaining local device configuration

  1. Click Options > Advanced options > Devices.
  2. Under Field update, select Retain local configuration (unlocked fields).1

When the Scout device configuration data are reloaded, only locked tabs and fields are updated. Local user configuration data in unlocked fields are kept.

Retaining local device configuration during factory reset

– from Scout 15.7 and eLux RP 6.7 –

  1. Select the option Advanced options > Retain local configuration (unlocked fields), see above.
  2. In the command dialog for the factory reset, select Retain local configuration (unlocked fields).

The device is reset to its initial state and the device configuration of the locked fields is reset. However, the local user configurations in unlocked fields are retained.

For further information, see Factory reset command.