UEFI update in analogy to firmware update

– from Scout 15 2107 and eLux RP 6 2107

For UEFI devices, you can conveniently update the UEFI firmware via a Scout command. The procedure is the same as for firmware updates (software): In a *.udf file you define the assignment of vendor-specific UEFI firmware to the device model types used. This UEFI file and the vendor-specific UEFI firmware archives are located in the eLux container. Finally, the UEFI file is referenced in the device configuration. This allows UEFI devices that receive a UEFI update command to update to the appropriate UEFI firmware.

UEFI updates can be applied to individual devices, an OU, a Dynamic Client Group or devices in the All devices window. Administrators may schedule a UEFI update using the command dialog or create a UEFI update notification that is evaluated on the next connection to the devices.

The options defined in the device configuration under Firmware > Reminder settings for users to defer an update are applied to both firmware updates (software) and UEFI updates. Note that as with firmware updates, the administrator needs to additionally enable the Inform user option for each update command.

Since the UEFI update procedure and firmware update procedure (software) are structured similarly, the same features apply for executing UEFI updates: