eLux partitions

An eLux device's flash memory is generally divided into three or four partitions when eLux is installed. Each partition is reserved for a dedicated purpose and is only touched when you perform special tasks that are related to this partition.

All partitions are created during a recovery installation.

Partition Requires Purpose Recreated with Other
System   Reserved for the firmware (software packages) Scout Update command with option Format system partition before update Size for eLux RP 6 2104 LTSR and earlier versions:

1,77 GB / 1,84 GB with/without encryption

Size for eLux RP 6 2107 and later versions:

2,35 GB / 2.41 GB with/without encryption

Boot only UEFI and USB Boot section  
Setup   Device configuration

Local application definitions

Factory reset command Does not affect the system partition with installed firmware
Update 4 GB flash memory Software delivery in advance (before firmware update) via Scout command or notification

Signature check for eLux software packages

Devices with update partition can be used as Dynamic Proxy (Provider) for firmware updates.

Scout Delivery command with option Format update partition before delivery The size of the update partition complies with the storage space provided.

The update partition is no larger than the storage space provided.

Devices with less than 4 GB flash memory are not provided with an Update partition.

In the Scout Console, in the Properties window of a device, the system, setup and update partitions are listed including their sizes.

Extended system partition starting with eLux RP 6 2107

When you perform an update installation or a new installation (recovery) to eLux RP 6 2107 or later, the system partition is created with 2,35 GB / 2.41 GB (with/without encryption) instead of the previous almost 2.0 GB. This creates more space for the firmware and allows larger images to be used.


To downgrade devices with the extended system partition (eLux RP 6 2107 or later) to an earlier version that only supports the previous system partition with less than 2 GB, you will have to go back to eLux RP 6 2104 LTSR.

We therefore recommend that you update test devices to eLux RP 6 2107 or later as the first step to thoroughly test functionality.