Various features and applications require certificates to be provided. For (root) certificates on the client, note the following:


The following table provides an overview:

Feature Component Directory
Smart card user logon

The certificates are specified in the Scout Console under Security > User authentication > Certificates

User authentication / AD+smart card /setup/cacerts/login
Secure connection (TLS) Firefox /setup/cacerts/browser1
Secure connection (TLS) Chromium /setup/cacerts/browser
Secure connection (TLS) Builtin Browser
Kiosk mode
Secure connection (TLS) Citrix Workspace-App /setup/cacerts/ and
Secure connection (TLS) VMware Horizon client /setup/cacerts/
Secure connection (TLS) eLuxRDP /setup/cacerts
Network logon WLAN drivers / WPA-Supplicant (802.1X)
Network Access Control / SCEP

VPN / OpenVPN BaseOS /setup/openvpn
VPN / Cisco AnyConnect Cisco AnyConnect /setup/cacerts2 and
Firmware update including certificate check BaseOS /setup/cacerts


StoreFront can be called using a Citrix session or a browser.