Installation: eLux Container

The eLux container is a compilation of software packages used to create the firmware (IDF) of a client. The administrator selects a subset of the software package pool to define an IDF (Image definition file) that can be installed on the devices.

The software packages can be provided via the container installation on a web or FTP server (legacy ELIAS) or via the ELIAS 18 web service in a MongoDB (locally or in combination with IIS).

If you use the web-based ELIAS 18, there is no need to install the eLux container. In ELIAS 18, you simply import the relevant software packages or the AllPackages bundle. For further information, see Importing software packages in the ELIAS 18 guide.

For the operating system versions eLux RP 6 / 64-bit, eLux RP 6 / 32-bit and eLux RP 5, dedicated containers are provided.

If you install the eLux container to be used by the legacy ELIAS, the containers are stored on the FTP or HTTP server root directory as follows: