Container Library

All container functions require the Admin role.

1 Name and version of the currently open container (dark highlighting)
2 A container version is undefined until the first software package or image / template is imported.
3 Clean up container

All packages that are not used by any image are deleted. Sub-ordinated features are deleted unless they are used by an active package.

4 Delete container

After confirmation, the container and its contents are deleted.

You can manage multiple containers, for example one for each operating system version. The first container is created by the installation routine. To create further containers, at the bottom, click the Create button. For further information on creating and renaming, see Creating a container.

Note that initially, the containers are empty. In the Package Library, to fill them, import software packages as .zip files. For further information, see Importing software packages.

The Container Library is only used to create, delete, clean up and select containers.

To show the content of a container, in the Container Library, click the relevant container name or icon. It will be displayed in the Package Library.