VMware Horizon

  1. Add a new application (see Adding applications) and select the application type Virtual Desktop (only Console).

  2. Under VD broker, select VMware View.

  3. Edit the relevant fields.

Option Description
Name Name for the application
Auto-start The application starts automatically after eLux has been started.
Desktop icon Provides a desktop shortcut on your personal desktop
VD broker VMware Horizon
Server IP address or name of the server
Pass-through logon The user is logged on via single sign-on. The AD user credentials are used.
Username, Password, Domain The user is automatically logged on to the server by using the specified credentials.
Use SSL Forces the connection via HTTPS

Note that HTTPS connections require the relevant SSL certificates on the device.

Show last user The user credentials (except for password) of the last logon are displayed in the logon dialog
Protocol Choose between the following protocols:
VMware Blast1

For information on Display, Local resources and Advanced settings, see Advanced application settings.


You can configure the VMware Horizon client by using the application definition in the Scout Console or locally on the . To set additional parameters that are not included in the interface, use a configuration file:

The configuration on the Scout or eLux interface has precedence over the configuration file and will overwrite values of the configuration file.