System requirements

General requirements


You can set up your instance with the help of a Debian Installer under a Linux system. Alternatively, Unicon offers a ready configured virtual appliance.
In both cases, the network must be configured before the SCG is started to enable routing from the DMZ to the internal network. The virtual machine assists with the setup.

  Debian package Virtual machine
Download Debian package (.deb) Virtual appliance (.ova)
The virtual machine is installed using an .ova template (Open Virtual Appliance).
Required system Configured Debian Linux system
We recommend Ubuntu 20.04.
Virtualization platform such as VMware
Specifics   Wizard supports system configuration
    Additional functions in the WebAdmin interface
  • Upload public keys for SSH access to the instance

  • Upload individual HTTPS certificates for the WebAdmin interface connection (to replace the automatically created self-signed certificate)

Availability from the Internet

Internal availability


For support periods and the compatibility matrix see the Whitepaper Releases, Lifecycles and Compatibility.