Defining an RDP Windows desktop session

  1. Add a new application (see Adding applications) and select the application type RDP.

  2. Edit the following fields:

    Option Description
    Name Name for the RDP application
    Server IP address or name of the server
    Application Leave the field empty.
    Working directory Leave the field empty.
    Logon The user is automatically logged on to the server by using the specified credentials (username, password, domain).
    Pass-through logon The user is logged on via single sign-on. The AD user credentials are used.
    Free parameters Allows to define any parameters supported by eluxRDP in the format:

    FreeRDPParams=<Parameter> <Parameter> <Parameter>...

    Separate multiple parameters by spaces.

    FreeRDPParams=/microphone:sys:pulse +fonts /cert-ignore

    To view the allowed parameters, enter the eluxrdp command in a shell.

    For further information, see Defining free application parameters.

  3. Confirm with Apply and OK.

Defining a server-independent application as local hidden application named RDP_TEMPLATE allows you to configure a connection template without back-end. The user starts rdpconnect from the shell and, subsequently, specifies the server to be connected to.
This feature requires the eLux software package RDPConnect.