StoreFront / Authentication

If on the device, smart card packages are installed and the Citrix Workspace-App for Linux identifies smart card middleware on the device, smart card logon has precedence by default. In order to still authenticate via username and password for certain devices, define the authentication method via a parameter:

Controlling the authentication method via eLux

The logon method can be changed to username and password regardless of the smart card packages installed.

Configuring smart card behavior

If you use smart card authentication for StoreFront, you can configure the behavior of the smart card when it is removed.

Using a smart card requires the smart card middleware to be installed on the device. In addition, smart card authentication must be enabled on the Citrix farm.

Further parameters for authentication1

To define further parameters for authentication, use the configuration file /setup/ica/AuthManConfig.xml.template. This file is transferred to the devices during installation. Using the Diagnosis and Files configured for transfer features, you can retrieve the file, edit it and transfer it back to the relevant devices. For further information, see Files configured for transfer.

For the function to become active on the device, one restart is necessary to transfer the file, and another restart to activate the new parameters.