Performing deliveries via notification

– for Scout 15.10 and later versions–

By using delivery notifications, you send an explicit one-time delivery request to selected devices. The request is evaluated with the next connection of the device to its Scout Server. Then, the delivery of all required software packages for the image configured in the Scout firmware configuration is started for this device.

  1. Select a device, an OU, a Dynamic Client Group or devices in the All devices window. .

  2. From the context menu, choose Notifications > Initiate software delivery...

    The Software delivery notification dialog is shown.

  3. Specify whether and how long you want to inform the user, and if the user is allowed to cancel the command.
    For further information, see Performing deliveries via command.

  4. To clean the update partition before performing the delivery, select the relevant option.

  5. Confirm the notification and confirmation.

    The notifications for software deliveries are defined for the relevant devices.

    For each device, in the Properties window, the Delivery notification field shows the value Activated.

    If the Delivery notification field in the Properties window is hidden, click to define which fields you want to show.

For the relevant devices, a delivery notification is set. As soon as a device restarts and reconnects to its Scout Server, it receives a delivery request and the delivery notification is automatically deleted.

The delivery status of a device is shown in its Properties window. For further information, see Command results and update information per device. If an update fails, no efforts will be made to retry.

In the Scout Report Generator, you can filter devices by the field Image delivery notification.

Deleting the delivery notification for one or more devices

Delivery notifications can be deleted before the software is delivered:

Notifications are always set or deleted for all selected devices regardless of whether they are only available for individual devices.