Defining custom applications

  1. Add a new application (see Adding applications) and select the application type Local.

  2. Edit the following fields:

    Option Description
    Name Name of the application shown in the Scout Console
    Local application Select Custom.
    Enter the program name required to start the application.
    If required, add start parameters.

    calibrator calls the Calibrator tool
    squid calls the Squid application
    squid /tmp/mycache calls Squid using the specified cache directory

    Hidden The application is not shown on the desktop.

    This is meant for automatically started applications. Select Start automatically or Application restart instead.

    Application restart
    Start automatically
    Desktop icon

    See Adding applications.

    Free parameters (optional) Individual parameters for application start
    see Defining free application parameters
  3. Confirm with Apply and OK.


The figure shows the application definition for the Calibrator tool . After the next device restart, the Calibration application is provided on the device's desktop and can be started (provided that the Calibrator tool is included in the image).