The properties of the selected application, OU or device are displayed.

Many properties come from the device configuration (devices and OUs) and application definition (applications) and are updated with each configuration update. For further information, see Configuration method.

Some device properties come from the Scout Server and are updated dynamically.

Date and time fields are shown according to the international standard ISO 8601.

By default, not all fields are displayed. To show or hide fields, click the icon

The figure shows the properties of a selected device.

1 Show, hide or move fields
2 General information on the device
3 Click to open the device configuration the device is assigned to
4 Information on the last firmware update
5 Click to open the assigned image in ELIAS (provided Options > ELIAS settings is configured)
6 Click to open the update log
7 Network information on the device

Device properties


Option Description
Name Host name of the device
Configuration Origin of the device configuration, mostly inherited from parent instance
Manager IP address of the Scout Server the device is assigned to
Info1-3 The Info fields are shown on the device in the Configuration panel under Information and can be enabled for users for editing (user rights). They are already provided in the First Configuration Wizard.
OS version Version of client operating system
Container eLux container configured for the device in the firmware device configuration
Update time Time stamp of the last firmware update

For further information, see Command results and update information per device

Last contact Time stamp of the last contact between server and device

The field is not only updated on a device restart but also on each successful connection set-up from the server to the device.

Status Example: Switched on

The status of a device is triggered by the 'keep alive' mechanism and by active status messages of the device on start, shutdown, logoff, performing updates and more.

Status time Time stamp of the last status refresh
Connected via SCG1 Indicates whether a device is connected via Scout Cloud Gateway
SCG address2 For SCG connections: Shows the FQDN and IP address of the Scout Cloud Gateway
Primary MAC address Device address of the hardware (MAC=Media Access Control)
Simple device identifier Temporary device identifier users may request for support cases
Client identifier Globally unique identifier for a device or eLux Portable USB stick
Public address If a device is connected via VPN, its public IP address is displayed next to its actual IP address. You can filter by the public IP address in the Scout Report Generator.
Partitions The system, setup and update partitions are displayed with their respective sizes.
Screen (Screen info) Shows the configured resolution and frequency of all connected monitors

For multiple monitor layouts, additionally the output port and defined properties such as primary screen, rotation and the monitor's position (row/column) are displayed.3 If a monitor is not active, this is shown as a dedicated property.4 The values for row and column are then shown as -1.

OU properties


Option Description
OU Shows the ID of an OU

In addition to the decimal value, you can show the hexadecimal value. This requires a new registry entry:

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\UniCon\Scout\Settings
Value name: DisplayHexOUID
Value type: DWORD:32
Value data: 1

Device count Number of devices in the OU and the subordinate OUs

Quick links in the Properties window of devices and OUs

Selected element Option Description
Device Configuration Opens the relevant Device configuration
Device Image Opens ELIAS with the image configured for this device in the relevant container

The connection to ELIAS is made with the data configured in the ELIAS settings of the Scout Console. For further information, see Access to applied images

Device Update State Double-click or ... opens the Update-Info for the device providing information on performed updates. For further information, see Command results and update information per device
OU Configuration Opens the relevant Device configuration
OU Update Opens the relevant Update settings in the Advanced device configuration or Advanced options.
OU Screen, Printer, Mouse/Keyboard Opens the relevant configuration (Device configuration or Advanced device configuration) for Screen, Printer or Mouse/Keyboard

Application properties

The details of an application depend on its type (for example Browser). They correspond to the details of an application definition. For further information, see Adding applications.