– only globally available for all devices (Options > Advanced options) –

Discover devices

Option Description
Maximum ping-time (milliseconds) Maximum response time in milliseconds by which devices should respond to a ping command.
Maximum discover time (seconds)

Total time for searching devices for Discovery.After the indicated time has expired, Discovery is stopped.

Field update

Retain local configuration (unlocked fields) 1 Editable fields of the local device configuration are free for individual user configuration and will not be overridden by Scout.During synchronization of configuration data from the Scout Server to the device, only the values of the locked fields will be overridden.

Which options are allowed to the user for editing (unlocked fields) is determined by the administrator under Device configuration > Security > User rights.

The local user configuration values of unlocked fields can additionally be retained during a factory reset of the device.2

For further information, see Supporting local configuration.

If users have set defective configuration data, you can, however, override unlocked fields and set a flag for the relevant device in the Scout Console to reload all configuration data.For further information, see Supporting local configuration

New devices

Default OU OU new devices are assigned to, by default
Assign OU depending on OU filter Activates the OU filter for new devices

Click the ... button to configure the OU filter.The OU filter has priority over other methods but can be ignored for individual devices.For further information, see OU filter.

Lock config transfer for new devices Newly added devices are not synchronized with the server's device configuration
Allow dynamic change of OUs Allows dynamic assignment of devices via DHCP
Accept only known devices The Scout Server accepts only devices with known MAC addresses.For further information, see Reserving device profiles.

Device name

Use the host name of the device The device name is the client host name and cannot be changed in the Scout Console permanently.
To avoid duplicate names, change name of existing entry When a new device with an already existing name is added, the name of the existing device instead of the name of the new device is changed.
Name template Name template for new devices

Can be overridden for particular OUs (Advanced device configuration > Management)

Apply name template only on new devices Name templates are not applied when you move or relocate devices.

For further information, see Device names.