Available commands

The context menu of a device, OU or Dynamic Client Group provides the following Command options resulting in the Execute/Schedule command dialog for further configuration:

Command Description
Switch on... Switches on the devices
Switch off... Switches off the devices
Restart desktop... Restarts the eLux interface.
Restart device... Restarts the devices
Send message... Sends a message to the devices
Delivery... Delivers software for a firmware update
Update... Performs a firmware update
UEFI update... Performs an update of the UEFI firmware

For further information, see UEFI update in analogy to firmware update in the BIOS update guide.

Refresh device status... Requests the current device status and refreshes the status of the devices in the tree view
Remote factory reset... Sets the devices back to initial state

The configuration is deleted, the IDF remains.

For further information, see Factory reset command.

User-defined command... Enter a user-defined command that will be sent to the devices.

For further information, see User-defined Commands.

Predefined command... Provides user-defined commands that have been predefined globally. For further information, see Creating predefined commands.
Suspend eLux command scheduler If recurring eLux commands that are scheduled locally on the device by the eLux Command Scheduler (cron jobs) have been defined by the administrator, the execution of these commands is temporarily stopped until the next restart of the device.
Configuration run...
(not available for individual devices)
Prepares the configuration data for an OU or Dynamic Client Group. For further information, see Configuration run.
This command is not available for an individual device.

For further information on options you can add to the respective commands see Command options.


The following options open the relevant log file:

Command Description
Delivery Info... Opens the log file of the latest software delivery
Update Info... Opens the log file of the latest firmware update
Command Info... Opens the log file of the latest user-defined command