Performing updates via command

To deliver the software packages in a separate step before performing the update, use the Delivery command.

  1. Select a device, an OU, a Dynamic Client Group or devices within the All devices window.

  2. On the context menu, click Commands > Update...

  3. To inform users before the update, select the Inform user option. Optionally, specify the display duration of the system message in seconds. With 0 seconds, the system message will be shown until the user clicks one of the buttons.

    This option triggers a system message displayed to users immediately before the update process. Depending on the configuration (Firmware > Reminder setttings), users can defer a requested firmware update.

    Optionally select the User can cancel command option.

    For further information on the impact, see User information before update.

  4. To format the system partition of the device's' flash memory before writing, select the option Format system partition before update.

  5. Define the point in time for the update process. For further information, see Scheduling commands and Executing commands.

  6. Click Execute.

The update process is triggered at the defined time. The update status is displayed for each device in its Properties window. During the update process, the status Update in progress is shown. Detailed information about the currently processed action with time stamp is shown additionally.1 Example:

Update in progress (Transfer started – 2018-08-20 11:34:23)
Update in progress (Transfer completed – 2018-08-20 11:35:45)
Update in progress (Installation started – 2018-08-20 11:35:48)
Update in progress (Installation completed – 2018-08-20 11:37:56)

For further information, see Command results and update information per device.

Note that updates are only performed, if the relevant IDF has been modified. If an update fails, no efforts will be made to retry.

When you execute an Update command, the relevant information is transferred to the devices as a URL. To create the URL, the system uses the values set in Device configuration > Firmware at the time when the command is run. Note that if the client initiates the update, the local Firmware configuration is relevant.